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  1. Shaheen says

    Dom, this is awesome and luscious and packed full of veggies and flavour. Like you, yes I have no desire to meet Ella; and like, a lot of what i cook up is at the weekends and spread over the week.
    Anyway, thank so much for sharing this gorgeous autumnal dish with EatYourGreens.

  2. Keep Calm and Fanny On says

    I'm not ashamed to say I love those Bisto Onion granules, they are packed with flavour! My Mum recently bought me a copy of the Ella book saying 'she's a blogger too' which was a lovely thought, but remains unopened. Am I bad? Also, has my Mum ever looked at my blog? Now I'm asking you lots of questions too!

  3. Kate Glutenfreealchemist says

    Oh Yes! What a wonderful stew. I love using mushrooms as the key part of a meal. This sounds & looks so tasty.
    We were only pondering the other day how crap the weather was and that is is definitely time to start making stews again! Love this!

  4. Mark Willis says

    Dom, you're sounding like a grumpy old man now! I understand the frustrations though. sometimes being a high-profile blogger must be a bit of a penance. I think your style is just right though – I love the “reality” of your blog and those little snippets of cynicism! Many blogs are just too perfect to be true and you feel they are artificial.

  5. Life Loving says

    Oh wow! This looking amazing. I think I dribbled a little bit on my keyboard as I scrolled past the pictures. I really want to make this now (and when I say make this – I mean eat this!) Ha ha.

    Great recipe

    Sally @ Life Loving

  6. Beck @ Golden pudding says

    Love this! Mushrooms are really great at providing that rich comforting feeling you need in cold weather, and the herb dumplings are the final touch…perfect thing for our chilly nights dragging on into early spring!

  7. Sarah James says

    Your stew looks delicious Dom, mushrooms are my favourite food so this is a perfect recipe for me to try. Love the sound of the herby dumplings, proper comfort food x

  8. Jenny Eatwell says

    Hooray for gravy granules! 😀 I dunno – there I am, on my blog, congratulating myself for making a pie that for once didn't include their use and here you are using them willy nilly. ROFL 😀 Aaah, I feel so much better about all the times I've used them (and I like 'em too – especially the Bisto Best ones)! This mushroomy dumplingy bowl of gorgeousness has me salivating like a labrador in front of a bacon sarnie. 😀

  9. Phil in the Kitchen says

    Oh that's so comforting and so autumnal. It makes me realise that there's life after summer. Only a handful of people know that I have a blog but those that do usually ask what the hell I'm on about. I have no idea who Ella is but I suppose I'd better find out. I'm expecting someone in the near future to ask if I know Dom from BK.

  10. Sally Sellwood says

    Anything with dumplings is good in my book, although the last time I made them I got them all wrong and they were very unpleasant. Yours look fab though, and I love the idea of the mushrooms in this.

  11. Choclette Blogger says

    Ooh Dom, I love dumplings. Haven't made them for ages, years even. I really must get onto it and I might just put them in your stew whilst I'm at it.

    No-one except fellow bloggers has a clue how hard we work, but I guess that's true of most jobs. Pottering around the kitchen is the fun part.